Commercial Construction Services


Orlando, Florida is a beautiful part of the country to live and work in and one of the nicest things around the area, is the construction of commercial and residential buildings. Many of the facilities that you see now a days are much more sophisticated and considered to be accelerated business environments which in turn places a very high demand on the delivery of the projects. With commercial and residential construction, there are so many stipulations, laws and regulations that need to be abided by and that is why you should seek out a company who knows exactly what they are doing. Who has the time and money to waste when a project is underway?

Here at Dust and Sand, you are going to be working with professionally who are licensed, bonded and insured and who will always provide you with beautifully designed layouts that are masterfully constructed – the first time around. From the design process all the way to applying the finishing touches, Dust and Sand in Orlando, FL will pay close attention to every intricate detail to ensure that their work is perfect. You will be one hundred percent satisfied and they offer a guarantee supporting that statement.

There are no worries about controlling costs, optimizing value, or meeting stringent set timelines, all of the decisions that are made in the initial stages of the commercial project will be discussed in full prior to the project being started. This allows everyone to have a solid layout and plan of what’s to come, there will never be any surprise charges – just smiling faces!

For those who are interested in finding out more information about the services that Dust and Sand of Orlando, FL offer, give us a call today! We can’t wait to hear from you and begin a new project.